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Welcome to the homepage of WA's first and only "Born in the Cloud" AWS Consulting Partner. We've got the builders in, so we've temporarily moved to the caravan next door!

APN Standard Consulting Partner At KZN Group we always have an eye on continuous improvement. After all, it's in our name!

We're growing rapidly, and our portfolio of services is expanding. We're redefining our Service Catalogue and our web site to better describe the awesome things we can deliver. In a nutshell, we offer end-to-end secure AWS Cloud solutions and services that span the entire plan, build, operate and iterate lifecycle. We can help with prototypes, MVP solutions, migrations, re-architecture of existing on-prem solutions and also have a number of fixed price, outcome-based audit and assessment packages for your existing AWS environment to ensure you're optimised for performance, reliability, cost, security and operational practices. With security at the core of everything we do, we focus only on AWS cloud solutions.

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If you came here looking for Insight, our managed SIEM offering, we've given it a site of its own in which to run wild.

Seek Insight!

We've moved (virtual) house!

Farewell, hello!

You may have noticed that our web domain has changed. Why the move? Well, .io is much cooler than wouldn't you agree? Not to mention it's a few characters less, which is more efficient - marginal gains and all that!

Our email domain has also changed to but don't worry, all old web and email addresses will continue to work for the foreseeable future.