DevOps Practice at KZN

DevOps is Agile. By building and supporting cross-functional teams with the right tooling, you can enable teams to spend their time on value-creating activity that helps you identify and deliver what your customers need most.

Your DevOps journey is unique, and we will partner with you to help you identify any gaps and use your project to start building out DevOps culture and tooling.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

DevOps Lifecycle

Succeeding at DevOps

Practicing Scrum, cross-functional teams can ensure they are always working on the most valuable items at the right time. Increased release cadence means features can be be delivered into the hands of your customers more predictably.

Automated testing, build and deployment of immutable infrastructure lets you release changes with confidence. Codified quality and functional testing can ensure functionality as accepted continues to work.

Repeatable, templated infrastructure as code allows workloads to be reproducibly deployed in development, testing and production environments in minutes, not hours.

By reducing the cost of deployments, you can experiment faster and decide what value to deliver to your customers.

Highly-available and fault-tolerant architectures allows you to focus on what you do. Keep tabs on key performance indicators and use ChatOps to let your team know what's going on.

Our toolchain

We use the best cloud-native tooling available, and can work with whatever you've already got too.

  • AWS CloudFormation & Jsonnet for Infrastructure as Code
  • GitHub for Version Control & SDLC Controls
  • Atlassian Suite for Software Development Lifecycle
  • AWS CodePipeline & CodeBuild for Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • AWS CloudWatch for workload metrics and visibility
  • Slack for ChatOps & Collaboration

Successful Partnerships

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Public Case Study #1

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Case Study 1

Public Case Study #2

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