Program and Project Management

In a 2013 study only 40% of projects completed over the previous twelve months were deemed a success, completing on time and on budget (CHAOS). Sadly, 75% of business and IT executives expected their software projects to fail (Geneca).

Projects represent a significant expenditure of time, resources, and money for most businesses. Good project management protects this investment.


Delivering Project Success

Leverage KZN Group's wealth of experience in program and project management to ensure your project will succeed.

Our team is well versed in a number of best-of-breed methodologies such as Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile, and Managing Successful Programs (MSP).

Theory is honed by years of pragmatic use in the trenches. This experience allows us to cherry pick which parts of each process to apply to your unique circumstance, ensuring we use just the right amount of project management to get the job done.

Our Services

KZN Group can help you deliver your project, whether you're looking for a project manager to facilitate an in-house team, or to augment a KZN delivery team with our project services.


Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference. KZN Group can help you structure a program of work that aligns with your organisation's vision, mission, and business strategy.


Whether your project follows a waterfall or Agile approach, KZN Group's project team can design a governance model to ensure your project is well managed, no matter the size of the organisation or project.


We'll work with you to understand the full breadth and depth of your project's scope. Using a Lean-Agile approach we will target the minimum viable or marketable product, and map out future stages to add value incrementally and minimise waste.


KZN Group’s approach to project delivery is based upon a faithful implementation of Scrum, ensuring business value is delivered incrementally and iteratively, maximising achievement of the business value you require. Our reporting framework ensures you're always aware of how the project is tracking.


Projects deliver change, else why do them? KZN's breadth of experience delivering projects into diverse organisations mean we are ideally placed to deliver any change into yours.


While our Agile and Lean approach to delivery minimises most of the common project risks, we make sure other project icebergs are identified, and a course plotted to safely avoid them.

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