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Atlassian offer best-in-breed tools which allow teams to collaborate, no matter the challenge they face, where they're located, or what industry they're in.

Atlassian's tools are designed for an agile world. They're flexible enough to suit a broad range of workplaces and practices, and we think that's pretty cool. But infinitely configurable can also be perceived as infuriatingly complex. That's where KZN can help.


KZN can help

Here at KZN we eat our own dog food. We use Atlassian products daily, incorporating them into everything we do. Recruitment, human resource management, accounts receivable, software development, and of course project management.

We're confident we've encountered challenges similar to the ones you face, and overcome them.

Our Services

KZN are keen to become a trusted partner in your business, and can offer the following services.


Whether you're implementing an instance on-premises or in the cloud, KZN can help you design, plan and implement your Atlassian product to maximise your project's chance of success.


Jira is awesome and your teams were keen to start using it. Overnight, the number of custom workflows ballooned and now Jira is bloated. Sound familiar? Let KZN help rationalise and streamline your Jira configuration, bringing much-needed consistency across your teams and departments.

Support as a Service

Let KZN maintain and support your Atlassian products on your behalf. We'll do the undifferentiated heavy lifting, allowing your team to focus on what they need to do: deliver awesome value to your customers.


Whether you're just starting out or experienced users, our consultants can develop and deliver training in Atlassian Jira and Confluence, tailored specifically to your team's needs.

DevOps with Atlassian

KZN DevOps; it's one of our core competencies. We can help you adopt a DevOps-based practice that utilises your Atlassian Jira and your favourite source code repository, whether this be BitBucket, GitHub, or VSTS. We've worked with them all!

Custom development

The KZN team have the expertise and the experience to design, develop, test and deploy your Atlassian add-on product idea.

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Our mission is to simplify the lives of our customers.

Get in touch with us to find out more and whether we're a good fit for your team or project.