Well-Architected at KZN

Keeping up with AWS' pace of innovation can be an arduous task. Most operational teams are busy fighting fires daily, making it difficult to find the time to review existing systems, or look at new AWS offerings to identify opportunities for optimisation.

KZN was an early adopter of AWS and have been designing and maintaining systems in AWS since the company’s inception. We understand the challenges and have learnt many lessons in both our own environments and through our work as a AWS consulting partner in Australia.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

How we deliver

KZN will build a holistic view of your current AWS infrastructure, configurations and practices (think people, process and technology). The assessment covers all the service offerings from AWS where applicable in your environment. We are not just techies but understand that context is important when forming an opinion; we recognise that trade-offs are often made based on business decisions that in turn drive your engineering priorities.

We therefore aim to build an understanding of why things are the way they are, ensuring that the assessment and associated recommendations are pragmatic and not just a pass-fail scenario, nor a matter of attaining a gold standard in a particular area despite a lack of any requirement or measurable value.

The Pillars

The Well-Architected Assessment will measure your IT environment across six principal areas:


How is your information protected from unauthorised modification, or theft? What risks exist in your current environment, and how can these be mitigated?


How reliable are the services running in your AWS environment? Can they gracefully recover from failures, or scale to meet demand?

Performance efficiency

Is your AWS environment well-tuned? Do purchased services correspond to requirements?

Cost optimisation

Reduce your monthly AWS operating costs by eliminating un-needed services.

Operational excellence

Ensure day-to-day operations are well supported. Set your operational teams for success, and continuously improve.


Understand your impact, Optimise your utilisation and explore how cloud services can help you reach your sustainability goals.

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