Customer Success Story - PLUS Geospatial Data Lake

Posted on 29 Sep 23 by Kiernan McColl

Find out how KZN Group has helped PLUS revolutionise geospatial data management with the creation of a cutting-edge geospatial data lake, redefining how they harness location-based information.

PLUS Geospatial Data Lake

Company background

Planning and Land Use Services (PLUS) is a division within the South Australian Government’s Department for Trade and Investment. They are custodians of a vast array of datasets which are relied upon by a wide range of applications, government agencies and external stakeholders.


One of PLUS’ crucial responsibilities is the ongoing surveillance of flood plains, assessing the risk of flooding for locations throughout the state. The resulting survey data is vital to support planning of new developments and future land use.

However, managing and integrating this complex survey data, often in a variety of proprietary formats presents a formidable challenge. Multiple contractors conduct these surveys, producing data in various formats and structures. Data easily becomes duplicated across applications and storage repositories spread across on-premises and cloud environments, which can make it difficult to consistently identify a reliable source for critical data.


Planning and Land Use Services recognised the need to construct a Geospatial Data Lake, serving as the definitive source for geographic data. This data platform aimed to provide:

KZN Engagement

PLUS engaged with KZN and AWS to design and implement their Geospatial Data Lake. This engagement involved:


By leveraging AWS data analytics services and incorporating best practices in data engineering to build-in quality, we were able to create a scalable, efficient, and reliable Data Lake that would support the current and future geospatial requirements of the Planning and Land Use Services Division.

The project yielded a multitude of outcomes, each unlocking specific benefits for the business:

KZN and Data Analytics

With the successful implementation of the Geospatial Data Lake, KZN is strategically positioned to embark on future projects that encompass intricate data management, automation, and cloud integration. Our experience with geospatial solutions, AWS and cloud-native, and data quality assurance can be leveraged to address the unique data needs of organisations facing similar challenges. Contact us to explore how we can contribute to your data-driven success. Learn more about how KZN can assist you with your Data and Analytics ambitions here.