Customer Success Story - Galaxy Resources reporting solution

Posted on 03 Jun 21 by Graeme Woods

Learn how KZN helped Galaxy Resources move from spreadsheets to a reliable and scalable reporting solution, without needing to deploy infrastructure.

Galaxy Resources reporting solution

Company background

Galaxy Resources is an ASX listed company with a global portfolio of lithium assets. Galaxy Resources’ lithium is used for powering everything from mobile phones to electric cars.

Galaxy operates the Mt Cattlin hard rock mine in Ravensthorpe Western Australia, and is establishing new operations in Argentina and Canada.

KZN engagement

Galaxy Resources engaged KZN Group to build an AWS based reporting solution for the Mt Cattlin mining operation. This included a SCADA interface with associated forms and file upload capabilities. The reporting solution is part of Galaxy Resources’ management information system, and is used to guide operational and strategic decisions.

This reporting solution can be extended as additional capabilities are needed, and also used as a basis for reporting across Galaxy’s operations. In addition, this solution is Galaxy’s first step to leveraging AWS.

Previous situation

Galaxy Resources previously used a complex and comprehensive suite of spreadsheets with hundreds of links between the files. This needed one person full time to manage data. This solution was inherently fragile and it was difficult to ensure the accuracy of the reports produced.

All data was manually entered, including manual re-entry of data from the SCADA historian. As well as being time consuming and unproductive, this introduced the possibility of data entry errors. With a complex network of spreadsheets, it was very difficult to trace and correct these errors in draft reports.


The Galaxy IT department identified the need for a better way of providing reports. Galaxy’s vision was for a robust AWS based reporting solution that improved the quality of data available for decision making and increased employee productivity.

Timely and accurate data supports Galaxy’s decision making. Employee productivity would be improved by eliminating the need for working around spreadsheet limitations and reducing manual data entry.

AWS was a key part of the Galaxy vision. AWS provided the opportunity for Galaxy to use a reporting solution without having to provision servers or incur fixed costs.

Scope of work

The delivered reporting solution includes the following components:


Galaxy’s work was a challenging project that highlighted KZN’s skills in data warehouse implementation and the capabilities of AWS services.

One significant item of work was developing the hundreds of calculations needed to transform raw inputs into reporting metrics by converting the existing spreadsheet formulas.

The solution includes the ability for Galaxy to include their choice of reporting solution which makes it easy for Galaxy to create new reports.

Reporting data is sensitive so Galaxy prioritised security. Galaxy’s solution benefits from AWS advanced security features and AWS security best practices.

Outcomes achieved

As a result of this project, Galaxy now has a secure and extensible reporting solution that integrates directly into source systems, such as the SCADA Historian.

Galaxy’s new solution addresses the issues of the existing spreadsheet based reports. Data entry effort has been reduced by focusing on only the data required for reporting, and by automatically populating data from the SCADA. In addition, the new solution is robust and not reliant on inherently fragile linked spreadsheets.

Future enhancements

Galaxy and KZN have identified a number of improvement opportunities to evolve the solution. These include:

KZN and Data Analytics

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